for equality - all women, all people, all rights and justice, everywhere

peer support, knowledge and skill-share, movement building

DIVA for Equality works for change in several ways: We support each other as collective members, staff and volunteers. As lesbian feminists we provide networking, information and referrals to lesbian, bisexual women and trans* masculine people. We progressively build and share knowledge, experience and skills. We will provide a drop-in space and regular programmes. Collective members and staff are also part of local, regional and global advocacy work (See advocacy areas below). 

our advocacy focus

Gender Equality

Not just gender and development, not just gender and women's empowerment, not just work to end violence against women and girls.. 

DIVA works for an end to patriarchal and other oppressions; for full gender equality, and toward feminist transformative futures. 

Ours is a revolutionary agenda.

Social Justice

How can we end social discrimination in law and in practice? We will address persistent and rising inequalities  within and between societies?  How do we ensure this includes sexual rights,  ending sexual and gender based violence?  How do we ensure that gender equality and human rights, including SRHR, is recognised as core to sustainable development? 

Ecological and climate Justice

The planet has boundaries. We are living as though it doesn't. Some states have historical responsibilities for the damage they've done during the industrial era; Other states have small ecological footprints and yet suffer most from climate change, global warming, ocean acidification and environmental damage; And everyone has to urgently change consumption and production systems, now! No mines, no geo-engineering, no commodification of nature, no more.

Economic Justice

valuing unpaid and care work; insisting on interlinkage between gender, social, ecological and economic rights; holding transnationals and development systems to account; creating just and rights-based development alternatives, non-monetised economies, solidarity economies, and more.
* Note: See www.dawnnet.org for more on DAWN's GEEJ analysis guiding our work