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Why fight for SRHR, not SRH and RR?!

Posted on 12 April, 2014 at 0:15

Question to Noelene Nabulivou, Adviser to DIVA for Equality, as CPD47 continues:


Why do you insist on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights'(SRHR) over Sexual and Reproductive Health' (SRH) and (Reproductive Rights) RR?!


Reply: "Use of 'SRH and RR' implies that women only have 'the right' to have reproductive rights. Also that the only issue that matters is, 'how they reproduce children for society'. Or that it is even possible to separate sexual rights from reproductive rights -ITS NOT!


Women are seemingly entitled to sexual and reproductive 'health', but the minute we want to make decisions on the FULL RANGE of sexual and reproductive rights, suddenly it is decided that these rights are not available/applicable. This has been the case in international documents, and in the way health and other social programmes are carried out in many countries, for too long.


The reality is that women are full beings, and sexual beings, just as are men and transgender people.


This is as much about the ability of a person to have bodily integrity and autonomy, in every area of our lives.


It is also the sad reality that males are seldom subjected to the level of scrutiny, control and indeed, violence, over their sexual and reproductive health and rights, as are women and trans* people. This is why feminists and many women's rights advocates insist on a structural analysis of the systems that perpetuate gender based inequalities.


When you add an intersectional analysis, you also find that many women and girls and trans* people experienced even more heightened violation of rights because of their multiple identities, whatever they may be.


Finally, it is also about the ability to function as a decision-making person. One CANNOT ever experience the full range of social, economic, cultural, civil and political rights when not regarded as a full person, in decision-making control of your body, and of your life.


No sustainable development, no human rights and social justice -None of it is possible without full realisation of universal sexual and reproductive health and rights."


Hence DIVA for Equality's slogan, 'All women, all people all rights!'


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